Victoria Williams was booked for a voiceover gig for Google through House Of Greenland

Ben Pugh-Cook successfully admitted to the Almeida Theatre Young Company for 2024

Ben Scheck has been booked as the lead in a series of corporate videos for Compass Pathways

Ali Azhar will play the role of Hugo in the new TV series The Undertow (cast by Theo Park)

Elle Zahrouni has been cast by Kelly Valentine Hendry in the role of Zainab in the upcoming TV series The Choice (Netflix)

Jason Vail booked for a recurring support lead in Magnum PI (Netflix)

Cristina Contes flies to Sofia to shoot a new campaign for Orange

Elaine Ward will fly to South Africa to shoot a new TV campaign for DeMobile

Stuart Packer plays Hitman Jim in the upcoming film Dilettante

Stuart Packer has been cast by Des Hamilton to play Owen in the upcoming feature film ‘Surviving Earth’

Ali Azhar has been cast by Kelly Valentine Hendry for the role of Ali in Season 3 of Gangs Of London on Amazon Prime

Raimu Itfum joins the cast of the new hit musical Bhangra Nation for Birmingham Rep Theatre

Catalina Croitoru will be filming a guest role on the upcoming TV Series Spent for BBC

Elle Zahourni is filming a big campaign for Qiddaya in Barcelona, cast by Lesley Beastall

Anne-Sophie Marie will film in the upcoming feature Film ‘Origin Of The World’ in Budapest in November and December

David Bauckham has been cast in a campaign for AXA filming in Europe

Jason Wilson cast as George Dunsay in ‘The Toys That Built America’ for TV

Kat Harrison’s new production company Chaos Collective, is producing two shows for Ed Fringe 2023 , ‘Down The Hatch’ and ‘Thorns’ – all details via

David Bauckham booked as the lead on a commercial for Red Bull

Tom Hartwell cast in an ongoing promo for Channel 4

Kace Monney booked for a fabulous new job in Prague (through Emma Garrett Casting)

Kat Harrison cast as the Voiceover for ‘Look See Wow’ for Sky TV

Gunce Ates plays Nermin in the upcoming feature film Exodus

Ali Azhar reprised the same role has was originally cast in last summer for a huge campaign for Samsung

Rosalyn Mitchell cast in the upcoming Marvel Entertainment series ‘Marvel Move’

Rupert Fawcett has been cast by Theo Park as the Warlord in the upcoming feature ‘Larkin’s Barn Project’

Vivian Gwaspari joins the cast of The Crown for the new and final season

Beatrice Hyde will play Sylvia Pankhurst in Theatre Lab’s tour of Emmeline

Bernard O’Sullivan will pay the lead role Norman Balon in ‘Norman Balon-It’s All True’ at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London

Victor Rivera flies to Prague to film the lead in a wonderful nationwide commercial for the US, cast by Lesley Beastall

Elina Gavare confirmed for a lead role in a nationwide campaign cast by Ali Fearnley

Jason Wilson will play Dr Towler in the upcoming production of The Verdict for Middle Ground Theatre

Anne-Sophie Marie voices part of the new permanent Frameless Art exhibition in London

Beth Mayne cast in a comedy campaign for Landsec

Yuh-Sarah Datwani cast in the upcoming feature ‘Tokyo Vice’

Nicolle Smartt cast as the lead in a corporate for Huthwaite / Prohibition PR

Elaine Ward has been cast as Mrs Boyce in the upcoming Lenny Henry written series ‘Three Little Birds’ for ITV

Jacob Partali cast as the lead in a new campaign for Plus

Rosalyn Mitchell cast as Alchemy II in ‘The Toys That Built America’ for A&E Networks

Verônica Sarno cast as the lead in a series of corporates for HSBC for Media Zoo Productions

Barnabas Reti cast in the upcoming feature film ‘Mrs Harris Goes To Paris’

Stewart Magrath cast as the presenter of a series of high end corporates for F5 Cyber Security

Daniel Dresner will play Gerald in the upcoming drama ‘Black Op’s’ for BBC 1

Ali Azhar has been cast as Pasha/Coquatrix in the upcoming ‘Umm Kulthum & The Golden Era’ playing at Dubai Opera House in May

Ben Scheck plays the role of Geta in ‘I, Severus’ for BBC Radio 4

Elodie Foray cast as the receptionist in the new series of Invasion on Apple TV

Rupert Fawcett cast in a new nationwide campaign for SKY

Anne-Sophie Marie will play ‘the nun’ for Series 2 of Invasion on apple tv

Rupert Fawcett cast as the lead in the upcoming campaign for talk tv

Ali Azhar cast as ‘the driver’ on the new series of Invasion for apple tv

Carli Fish will voice the role of Adanna in the upcoming RPG Godshard Chronicles

Ali Azhar will play King Koceila in The Kahena:Berber Queen at the Bush Theatre

Sarah Griffin cast by Sally McCleery in the Transport Stills campaign

Daniel Dresner cast as the lead in the new Alder Lourve campaign filming in Dubai

Amir Tabrizi cast as Eddie Van Halen in Autopsy for ITV

Ali Azhar will play Ahmed in ‘Key To Return’ at Broadgate Arena for Vital Sparks Theatre

Nicolle Smartt cast as Janet in ‘Ground Six’ for The Crown (Pukka/CPNI Films)

Kat Harrison plays the lead in the one person show ‘I’m F***ing My Agent’ at the Golden Goose Theatre, Camberwell from 12th January

Vivian Gwaspari cast as Jas in ‘Skindeep’ for Solomon Theatre

Eleanor Tata cast as Margarita in the upcoming BBC Radio production of ‘Don Juan’

Eleanor Tata cast as Margarita in the BBC Radio 3 production of Don Juan

Jason Wilson plays Douglas in the Offie nominated ‘The Duration’ at Omnibus Theatre for All Ignite Theatre

Jenny Valentine cast by Jina Jay in The Beautiful Game, also starring Bill Nighy, Susan Wokoma and Callum Scott Howells

Ben Scheck cast as Oluadah Equiano in Stephen Poliakoff’s ‘Breaking The Silence’

Bernard O’Sullivan films the role of Archbishop Sudbury in ‘Wycliffe: Morning Star’

Anne-Sophie Marie cast by Nina Gold as the Reporter in ‘The Power’

Barnabas Reti cast by Michelle Smith as Viktor in new feature ‘Deadline’

Max Morton plays the Narrator in ‘Sisterton Foods’ at Rose Theatre, Kingston

Ali Azhar reurns to his role as Sami in the upcoming acclaimed production of ‘Glory’ for the award winning Red Ladder Theatre Company at Worley Studio

Elina Gavare cast by Hammond Cox Casting in a new Nationwide Campaign for Fanta

Dominic Ryan cast as the role of Mariner in the upcoming feature film ‘Robinson’ (Focus Plus Cinema / Netflix)

Ali Azhar cast as The Clown & Passepartout in the upcoming production of ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ at York Theatre Royal

We have opened our acting school branch of the Agency! Have a look at

David Bauckham cast by Maddy Hinton in a upcoming campaign for Toyota

Gabriel Mansour joins the cast of The Power as Ruslan (cast by Nina Gold Casting)

Barnabas Reti has just filmed on the upcoming series ‘Halo’ for Showtime

Maddie O Brien cast in the lead role of Mary Jane Kelly in upcoming feature film ‘The Fate Of Mary Jane Kelly’ (Production: Northern Fox Films)

Simon Furness cast as Uncle Patrick in the upcoming feature film ‘Last Rite Of Father Joszef’ (Proportion Productions)

Krage Brown cast in a lead role in the upcoming World Of Tanks (cast by Ali Fearnley, production by Outsider TV)

David Bauckham cast as the lead in the Clean My Mac Commercial (cast by Kharmel Cochrane, production by Mjolk Finland)

Felix Trench won Best Actor for his role in ‘Jenna The Great’ at the Queen Palm International Film Festival

Vivian Gwaspari has been cast in the upcoming feature ‘The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight’

Vivian Gwaspari has been cast in the upcoming feature ‘The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight’

Ali Azhar cast as Etienne in the upcoming HBO Series Landscapers

Daniel Dresner cast as Irving Layton in the upcoming Leonard Chen biop feature film ‘So Long Marianne’

Alma Eno cast as Rebecca in ‘Take The Train’ written by DWH Mildon for Myriad Theatre at the Vaults on 10th December

Alma Eno cast by Myriad Theatre as Rebecca in two hander play ‘Take The Train’

Rupert Fawcett cast by Lucy Bevan on the upcoming Anatomy Of A Scandal for Netflix

Sarah Griffin cast as Kathy in Audio Drama ‘Torchwood Coffee’ for Big Finish Productions

Ben Scheck plays a Doctor in a corporate film for CPP

Jason Wilson cast as Tim Hennessey in Leonard Cohen feature ‘So Long Marianne’

David Bauckham has been cast by Emma Ashton from Castworks in the new campaign for the Swiss Postal Service – shooting in Switzerland

Marcus Frewin-Ridley cast in season 3 of ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ on Starz.

Victoria Shepherd has just finished principal filming as lead Maria in new feature ‘Boy In The Corner’ (Studio 7 Films)

Alexander Gold cast by Hammond Cox as the Busker in a fun promo for Adidas

Dominic Ryan cast as support lead Davis Court in new feature film ‘Bansu’

Jason Wilson plays the American Presenter in the new feature film biopic Shakuntala Devi

Eleanor Tata has been cast by Nina Gold in the upcoming Jurassic World movie: Jurassic World: Dominion

Vera Chok has been cast as the Queen Of Hearts in the upcoming immersive production by Creation Theatre

Eleanor Tata has been cast by Nina Gold on the upcoming Jurassic World 3

Jenny Wambaa wil be voicing the role of Claudette in ‘A Song From A Forgotten Place’ for Audible/Amazon

Rupert Fawcett has been cast in Far Away (directed by Lyndsey Turner) at the Donmar Warehouse

Ifans Owen has been cast as Noah in Casualty

Luke Kaile has been cast as Vanya in ‘Shadow & Bone’ for Netflix

Alma Eno will play Jamilah in ‘The Glass Will Shatter’ at Omnibus Theatre

Richard Goss has just filmed the role of David in the upcoming feature ‘People In Landscape’ (directed by Benjamin Rider)

Sulin Hasso has been cast as Janice in Duncan Sarkies ‘LovePuke’ at the Hen & Chickens 11-15th February

Richard Godd plays Thomas Town in new feature film ‘Slammer’

Lilly Driscoll has been cast as Louise, Adriana and Annie in the Old Vic 12 production of ‘Bricks’ at the Old Vic

Stephanie Silver’s play ‘How To Save A Life’ is being transferred to Theatre 503 in February 2020

Ali Azhar went to Poland to shoot a campaign for Trivago – cast by Belinda Norcliffe

Claire Lebowitz-King cast by Thomas Adams in a corporate for L & G

Lucy Hoult has been cast as support lead Ava Serrano in comedy short ‘Not Safe For Work’

Debra Tennant plays DC Amy Briar in the upcoming series of ‘Cobra’ for Sky

Alin Balascan cast in the performance show ‘At Home I Speak’ at Rich Mix Studio Theatre 17th November

Richard Goss is currently filming the lead role of Robert Pearson in TV mini series ‘Fried’

Judith Georgi plays the Translator in the upcoming feature ‘Jojo Rabbit’ (Fox Searchlight)

Jenny Wambaa will play Grace in the upcoming new HBO and BBC2 drama from Michaela Coel ‘January 22nd’

Sebastiano Kiniger will voice the role of MArco in the upcoming BBC Radio 4 Play ‘Road To Ferrara’ for 7 Digital Productions

Richard Renton will play support lead Frank in the upcoming Film 4 film ‘Censor’

Bernard O’ Sullivan has been cast as Marlon Brando for ‘Autopsy..Last Hours Of’ on Channel 5

Paul Collin-Thomas cast as Alex Dimitrios in Secret Cinema’s ‘Casino Royale’

Jenny Wambaa has been cast for Leo Learning Coporates

Craig Karpel has been cast by Sharon Sorrentino in NFTS short ‘Three Minutes’

Sulin Hasso cast in a corporate for Gallery Media

Cole Michaels has been cast by Leanne Flynn in a new campaign for Yorkshire Tea

Zishan Afsar has been cast in Imran Perretta’s new film ‘The Destructors’ produced by Chisenhale Gallery and Spike Island

Orla Sanders will be voicing the roles of Mammy and Mrs Heffernan in Enda Walsh’s Misterman for Wimbledon Theatre

Ali Azhar has been cast as Dauphin in Henry V and Spirit in The Tempest both for Rose Theatre York Summer productions

Tom Hartwell cast by Nina Gold in the new Edgar Wright film ‘Shadowmen’

Felix Trench cast in the new BBC3 Comedy ‘Oh Pussy’

Tomi Sunmonu and Victoria Shepherd have been cast by Black Rabbit Media for a corporate job in Warsaw

Alex Gold has been cast by Hannah Simons as one of the leads in a Spinal Tap-esque commercial for the Formula 1 hotel group

Alma Eno joins the cast of Small Island at the National Theatre

Jonsel Gourkan brings his one person show ‘Keep Calm I’m Only Diabetic’ to Glasgow 26th Feb and Wells Festival July 13th

Sulin Hasso has been cast in the upcoming series of Gangs Of London and joins series regulars Joe Cole, Lucian Msamati, Jude Akuwudike and Emmett J Scanlan

Simon Furness cast on a corporate job for Gallery Media

Natasha Santos plays the Hope Theatre April 28/29th in her self penned show ‘Getting Over Everest’

Carli Fish writes and stars in ‘Have You Heard About Guy?’ at the Warren, Brighton Fringe from May 15th

Matt Downton plays lead George Pearson in WWII Drama ‘Magpie’ – out this year!

Anne-Sophie Marie’s ‘The Ballerina’ will be at New York’s Theatre Lab January 24th – 27th produced by Outer Gaea

Ali Azhar will be heard on Blend Audio’s voiceover for feature ‘The Rhytmn Section’

Cole Michaels will feature in the new commercial for Ladbrokes cast by Belinda Norcliffe

Emma Read cast as series regular Judy Abbott in the ongoing web series ‘Daddy Long Legs’

Orla Sanders cast as Grindlewald in the upcoming Immersive Theatre show ‘The Dinnerstry of Magic’

Shno Kamal has just filmed the role of Alia Abdel Nour in true story film ‘Alison’ (Imagine Productions)

Following a sold out run at Edinburgh Fringe, Rob Leach performs his two hander ‘1-2-1 This Sex Is Real’ at the Nursery Theatre 25th November

Sam Adamson has been receiving rave reviews for his role in The Glasshouse at 53two Manchester

Alice Kornitzer directs the sold out ‘Apocalypse Laow’ at Katz Space, London Bridge

Yasmine Holness-Dove cast in Matchstick Theatres production of WunderKammer at The Old Piehouse, 6-16th November

Ali Azhar will play Sammy in the two hander play Glory produced by award winning theatre company The Dukes

Emma Read is playing Crystal in ‘Cold Blow Lane’ a musical produced and directed by Matchstick Theatre

Emma Rose Richardson cast as Catherine Howard in the new series of Spy School 2 for ITV

Emma Rose Richardson filming the new campaign for Mcdonalds in Slovenia

Cole Michaels cast in a series of online comedy sketches alongside Gemma Collins for Electric Robin Productions

Maria Jose Bavio will feature in the new campaign for Amazon Alexa

Ali Azhar has been cast as Faez in the upcoming Series 3 of Top Boy on Netflix

Trudy Hodgson cast by Sophie North as one of the leads in the upcoming Waitrose campaign

Tom Hartwell, Rosalyn Mitchell and Antonia Castilla have just been cast in a series of corporates for Gallery Media

Paul Collin Thomas has just shot the new campaign for Samsung in Barcelona

Alin Balascan and Ali Azhar will be featuring in the upcoming television campaign for the Cricket World Cup

Krage Brown cast as Egg in the Dreamscape for Leaning House Productions for OffBeat Festival and Buxton Fringe

Jemma Lewis plays the role of Celadine in the three hander ‘Honey’ for Reaction Theatre

Faith Knight is filming for Creative Kingdom presenting on a corporate video

Ben Scheck has been filming for Black Rabbit productions in Warsaw on an upcoming job for ‘Trend Micro’

Charlie Allen has been filming the promotional video to accompany the production of ‘The Gift Of The Gab’ 15th May – 9th June at the White Bear Theatre

Felix Trench is currently filming in Spain on a commercial for Lucozade

Annie Lees Jones has been cast as a lead actor and as the Fight Director in the Royal Opera House upcoming production of ‘The Ring Cycle’

Laura Hopwood appears as the Waitress in ‘Network’ currently at the National Theatre

Rachel Summers has been cast in a corporate video for the Met Police produced by Gallery Media

Daniel Annoh has been cast by Kharmel Cochrane in a promotional video for NPCC

Paul Collin Thomas will play Dave Holden in the immersive Secret Cinema production of Blade Runner

Maria Jose Bavio has been filming additional scenes abroad alongside Antonio Banderas in Genius:Picasso

Sammy Moreno will be working alongside James Veitch on a brilliant new pilot show ‘Superhyperliteral’

Jasmine Jones cast as Aya in the three hander ‘Buggy Baby’ at the Yard Theatre 7th March -6th April written by Joshua Azouz and directed by Ned Bennett

Alin Balascan has been cast as Raul in the upcoming TV series of ‘Snatch’ filming alongside Rupert Grint

Charlie Allen has been cast in Simon David Eden’s ‘Gift Of The Gab’ at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington

Sammy Moreno filmed a new promo last week alongside comedian and actor Tom Davis

Jenna Fincken cast as a lead in Lily And The Snow Bear for Little Blue Monster Productions

Ben Scheck joins the cast of ‘Tree In The Sky’ playing the Doctor at Theatre N16 21-25th November

Richard Dee Roberts cast as Major Harris in the upcoming feature Primeval Predator (Sony Pictures/North Bank Entertainment)

Offie Nominated Alice Kornitzer will be directing ‘Tree In The Sky’ the next play by BAFTA winner John Foster at Theatre Deli 21-25th November

Jasmine Jones has been cast to be working with award winning Barbara Houseman and Abi Zakarian in ‘Dangerous Space’at Hampstead Theatre

Marcus Frewin Ridley plays Claude Eatherly in ‘Tree In The Sky’ by BAFTA winner John Foster at Theatre N16, 21-25th November

Maria Jose Bavio has been cast as Maria Picasso Lopez in the Ron Howard producing epic ‘Genius:Picasso’ for Fox Studios

Charlie Allen has been cast as Father in Roger Benington’s ‘Psychopomp’ as part of the Canal Cafe’s American Season

Kate Perry has been cast in the upcoming Comedy Unit production of ‘Soft Border Patrol’ for BBC Northern Ireland

Alice Kornitzer has just finished filming the pilot ‘Sentence’

Dan Burman cast in the upcoming coming feature ‘The High Window’

Suzy Gill and David Bauckham cast by Suzy Korel for a GSK corporate gig

some details here.

Joseph Steyne cast in ‘Sweet Responsibility’ at Salford Arts Centre

Dominic Ryan, Marla Jane Lynch and Alin Balascan cast by Gallery Media in a series of upcoming corporate videos

Sebastiano Kiniger cast as series regular Paulo in season three of the BAFTA nominated ITV series ‘The Durrells’

‘Chummy’ directed by Alice Kornitzer receiving four and five star reviews currently at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington

Peter Revel Walsh cast in the lead role in the video for Hunter The Bears song ‘NickaJack’