Jennifer Mars Creative Coaching

We are a huge advocate of career coaching and dialling into your specificity and keeping actors on track with their goals. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and having an experienced and supportive cheerleader in your corner makes a huge difference in where you want to go.

Jennifer’s work includes:

A weekly meeting of no more than 6 creatives, roughly 2 hours a week. I become your guidance counselor, cheerleader, bestie, advisor, therapist all rolled into one in a supportive group setting of other people wanting to push themselves just like you. We will be honing in on your goals and making specific, time sensitive plans to move yourself toward them. Facing any mental or emotional blocks you may come up against and gently maneuvering ourselves up, around, under, and over them to create breakthroughs. Focusing on your dream artistic life and taking actionable steps to have you living it – and appreciating it – now rather than later.
If you are looking for a drill sergeant or someone to berate you into action, this won’t be for you.
We will create goals and dates and there will be accountability and the support you need to SHOW UP for your career and your life, but all of this will be done with love and with space to make mistakes, face disappointments, and lots and lots of checking in and reminding you how brave and capable you actually are.
This is something I have utilized with different coaches and it was invaluable to not feeling alone, and creating tiny steps forward in the face of fear and my own limiting beliefs that I wasn’t ready, or that the life I was hoping for was far out of my reach and control. In some cases I made massive changes to my mentality and approach (and life), and in some cases all I needed was an outside perspective to show me I was actually so much closer than I thought. Once I broke through my own self-made limitations I instantly had the desire to drag any and everyone I encounter to the other side with me.
If you would like to register interest or request more information in working with Jennifer,
email her at: