Online Actors Retreat

We started our first Online Actors Retreat in Spring 2020, with our second in October. The main point was to connect Actors in the UK and Europe with Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Coaches and other Industry Professionals in the US. It was so successful that we are doing it again in February 2021.

We will also do this in reverse, connecting Actors in the US with Casting and Industry Professionals in the UK.

We also run bootcamp sessions with established Casting Directors in Film and Television, Acting Coaches,  Directors and Coaches. Clients have found a benefit to approaching their work afterwards and have felt more confident and focused. We believe that it’s very easy to lose focus and working with a coach will benefit artists.

Some of the Industry Professionals we’ve   worked with include:

Sonia Allam, Jeremy Zimmerman, Ben Cogan, Zero Gravity Management, RPM Management,  Manuel Puro, Anthony Meindl, Rick Laxton, Chris Lang, Wendy Braun, Wendy Alane Wright, Lisa London, Gil Brito, Terry Berland, Judy Bouley, Jane Jenkins, Crystal Carson, Ashley Ingram, Zero Gravity Management.

If you are interested in an actors bootcamp session or to register on he upcoming Online Actors Retreat, please email with “Actors Bootcamp or Retreat’ in the subject bar.